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Is Tranquility massage and Bodywork  for you?

​Tranquility Massage and Bodywork, Inc.

Laura Donahue, LMT

Kayla Tuggle, LMT

J. Michael Donahue, Reflexologist

Clients of Tranquility Massage and Bodywork are often health conscious and looking for alternative from the "take a pill/ have surgery" model  of healthcare. Our clients want to be well no matter what life hands them !

  • You are the new gym members suffering from overdoing your workout. 
  • You are the 9-5er's looking to manage the day-to-day stress of life
  • You are the yoga practitioners who over did Downward-Facing Dog.
  • You are the marathon runners looking to improve speed and avoid injury while training. 
  • You are the weekend warriors who gave all they had on Sunday and are feeling it on Monday.

The level of commitment may vary, but clients of Tranquility Massage and Bodywork have one thing in are looking to take control of your well being and realize that massage and bodywork are important components in functioning and living at the level you want to be at. It really is all about YOU!

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